Director’s Letter

Director’s Letter

August, 2015

Dear West Boca Parents:

On behalf of The Board of Directors of West Boca Basketball,  thank you for your continued support of our regular League programs. Our Fall 2015 enrollment is projected to be between 750 and 850 children,  ranging from age 5 to 18 participating in 14 separate divisions of our League.  We hope that you find our online registration process to be simple and fast.  Make sure to let us know if you had any difficulty enrolling your child.

The most critical element in the success of this program is the relationship which is built between you, your child and your coach.  To that end, it’s important that you communicate with your child’s coach once your child is assigned to a team, so that the coach can understand if there are any special circumstances which he/she should be aware of concerning your child.  For example, if your child has special physical or cognitive handicaps, the coach needs to be informed.  Our coaches are volunteers and they will do their best to make the season enjoyable for your child, but they need your help to make the season a success.  Solid communication is the key.

Schedules for our Fall season will not be posted until early September, but at that time, you will be able to find them on this website.  Please visit the schedule page sometime after September 10th.

Everyone who registers in a timely manner gets an opportunity to play in WBB (unless you register late and end up on a waiting list!), regardless of previous experience or skill level.  We realize that everyone wants to compete in an environment where each team has a chance to win their game each weekend.  Despite our best efforts at creating fair teams, WBB CANNOT GUARANTEE which teams will be stronger, nor do we have a crystal ball to predict that a team may not be strong enough to win ANY games.  With that in mind, every parent should enroll their child(ren) after having a discussion about ATTITUDE, EFFORT and TEAMWORK.  Teams can have a fantastic season and still have a record of 1-9 or even 0-10, if the coaches and players work together to do their best.  We have seen many examples over the years where teams with losing records have shown tremendous improvement throughout their season, while an undefeated team in the same age group really didn’t have to work hard because by a stroke of good fortune, they had lots of good players.

Parents, if you teach your children that WINNING is the only thing that matters, you are sending your child the wrong message and possibly creating circumstances where your child will not want to participate in team sports if the team’s record is poor.  Let’s all work together to create a club-like environment for each team this Fall 2015 season, so that our community’s children can experience the joy of basketball, WIN or LOSE!  And by the way, with all of the controversy about “Participation Trophies” being given out even if you DON’T win the championship, WBB will continue to provide participation trophies to children ages 10 and under.  We will provide a League t-shirt to participating children ages 11 and over who attend the championship games for their respective divisions.

The State of Florida and Palm Beach County Parks and Recreation Department  require that all parents agree to certain conditions regarding Concussion Management.  While it occurs rarely, injuries happen in all sports activities and your child could receive a blow to the head during a game, practice, or other activity associated with WBB.  Our coaches and other WBB leadership are all required to complete a course on this subject.  If you are interested in reviewing the video which all coaches will be required to complete, you can find it at:

Meanwhile, recent events have brought new attention to the importance of our League’s regular process of conducting Background Checks on those in leadership positiions. This process now includes ALL coaches. One of the ways this impacts everyone is that only those who have passed a background check and been approved by League Administration will be allowed to sit with the team during their games or conduct drills during practices or prior to games. We ask all parents to please respect this policy for the good of WBB.

On behalf of our Board of Directors, thank you for your interest in West Boca Basketball and we wish you and your child(ren) a fun season this Fall!

Best Regards,

Jeff Gordon
West Boca Basketball