Draft Rules

Draft Rules

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WBB Draft Rules – August 2015


(August 2015)


All Coaches in all age groups should bring a pen/pencil and notebook to player evaluations and be prepared for a 2-3 hour process.

The ranking system for player evaluations will be as follows:

#10. Impact player—almost certainly a first-round draft choice

#9. Very strong; among top 20% of players in the division

#8. Well above average

#7. Above average; among top 40% of players in the division

#6. Average skills with some extra attributes (experience, ball handling, etc.)

#5. Average skills

#4. Average skills (inexperienced or little evidence of specific strengths)

#3. Below average skills; bottom 30% of players in the division

#2. Well below average skills

#1. Among 10% of weakest players in the division


Team Selection process for 5-6 Co-eds, 7 Boys and 7-8 Girls:

The West Boca Basketball League Administration handles the team selection for all teams in the following age divisions:

5-6 yr old co-ed; 7 yr old Boys; 7-8 yr old girls. The 5-6 co-eds do not have Player Evaluations. In the 7 Boys and 7-8 Girls Divisions, the Coaches will be asked to come to player evaluations and rate the players. However, in the 7 boys and 7-8 girls divisions, instead of the Coaches “drafting” teams, WBB League administration will construct the teams. The usual criteria will be used with the highest emphasis being placed on trying to keep the skill levels on each team comparable to others in the same age group so that the games remain competitive and exciting.

”Blind Draft” team Selection process–ages 8 through 15 Boys and 9-10, 11-12 and 13-15 Girls:

1. All players will be evaluated by the Head Coaches using a 1-10 system (see above).

2. At the option of the age group, one of the coaches will be responsible to measure the height of each child and record it for distribution during the drafting process.

3. Players who are not in attendance may be evaluated at a later date, providing that all criteria are met by the group of coaches and that deadlines are met for completion of this task.

4. The “Draft Supervisor” will run through the list of children with the coaches so that all evaluated players are ranked 1-10 by consensus. Information from prior seasons may be used for this process if available.

5. All players will be shown on the board according to their rankings. Players in the top three rounds will then be ranked in order of strongest to weakest within their own rankings. For example, if there are 5 players ranked as “10”, the coaches will rank those players from the strongest to the weakest.

6. Unknown players will not be included but will be shown separately on the board.

7. ALL PLAYERS EXCEPT THOSE DESIGNATED AS WAITING LIST, irrespective of coaches’ children or sponsors, will now be selected by ALL COACHES for each team, with emphasis on placing the next strongest player on the teams in order. Upon completion of this task, the coaches will discuss if there are any obvious imbalances in the teams before proceeding to the next step and remedy those issues immediately.

8. The HEAD COACHES will now draw a number from a hat with the team they will be assigned. HEAD COACHES’ children will now be swapped with a similar draft pick so that the Head Coach’s child is on the team he has drawn. Head Coaches may now announce if they are requesting an Assistant Coach for their team and by UNANIMOUS AGREEMENT, if the other Head Coaches agree to the assignment of assistant coaches, the Assistant Coach’s child may be swapped onto that team in exchange for a similar player.

9. All Head Coaches should ensure that no more than one sponsor’s child is placed on each team.

10. Each Head Coach shall be allowed to request the switching of ONE PLAYER selected in the fifth or later rounds to be exchanged for a player of similar strength (friendship clause). These switches may NOT be for unknown players and they must be by agreement with ALL HEAD COACHES.

11. ALL HEAD COACHES should review the final draft board to see if there are any obvious imbalances in team strength and agreement should be reached on how to address these issues.

12. If the group of Head Coaches has provided information to the Executive Director regarding unknown players prior to the Thursday following the draft, the unknown players will be placed on the teams based on the evaluation information available. If not, the Executive Director will place the unknown players randomly on the teams.

13. If, after the blind draft it is discovered that there are balance issues due to unknown information during the time of the draft, the WBB “Draft Supervisor” in conjunction with the League Executive Director shall take whatever steps are necessary to correct the inequities prior to release of the final rosters.

”Traditional Draft” team Selection process for 16+ Boys and 13-15 Girls:

For the 16+ boys and 13-15 girls, a “Traditional” draft process will be used for purposes of team selection. The rules employed by WBB for the traditional draft have been developed over several years and are not to be overridden by any party involved with WBB without approval from the Executive Director. It is recognized that the draft rules are intended to serve as the accepted and required approach for the draft process. However, WBB also recognizes that there will be nuances in each age group and the coaches and League administration will attempt to work together for the benefit of the players, trying to create parity.

On Player Evaluation Day, Coaches in each age division will evaluate all attending players in that division. The Coaches will pool their knowledge to try to evaluate absent players. This information will be given to all new Coaches in the division as well as experienced Coaches so that, to the extent possible, all Coaches will be aware of all players available in the draft and therefore, a more balanced tone will be set for the draft. All players will be rated 10, 9, 8 etc. and will be shown on the blackboard so that all coaches can see them clearly. All players will be assigned a “consensus” rating by the Head Coaches prior to the draft order determination.

1. Waiting Lists

In some instances, a division may be full. If this occurs, the Executive Director will keep a waiting list of players who have registered but who will not be selected for a team. Players on waiting lists may NOT be selected during the draft.

2. Draft Sequence

The draft sequence is determined by a random drawing (numbers from a hat). The draft order shall be reversed each round. For example, in an eight team division, the team selecting eighth would also have the ninth pick. When the random drawing has been completed but before the selection of players begins, the Coaches shall select team nicknames (nicknames of Professional NBA teams are not allowed) starting with the coach with the lowest first round draft pick.

3. Coaches’ Children

The only players who are pre-selected in the “traditional draft” are Coaches’ children. As of January, 2013, WBB asks that each Head Coach have one and only one assistant coach. The person designated as an assistant coach may have an active role or serve merely as a backup to the Head Coach in case of the Head Coach’s absence. NO PERSON WHO DOES NOT HAVE AN APPROVED STATUS AS A HEAD OR ASSISTANT COACH MAY BE IN THE BENCH AREA OF A TEAM DURING A GAME, NOR ARE THEY AUTHORIZED TO CONDUCT DRILLS OR SERVE IN ANY LEADERSHIP ROLE FOR THE TEAM AT ANY TIME DURING ORGANIZED PRACTICES OR GAMES THROUGHOUT THE SEASON. ASSISTANT COACHES MAY NOT BE PRE-DESIGNATED PRIOR TO THE DRAFT. Head Coaches may try to draft a player whose parent would be interested in acting as an assistant coach, or they may decide to check with their team’s parents later to see if someone is willing to be an assistant coach.

However, only Head Coaches will be permitted to participate in the player evaluations and attend the draft. Once the draft begins, any debate over the proper pre-designation of Head Coaches’ children will be decided by the Draft Coordinator and/or the Executive Director. The rating of all Head Coaches’ children shall take place prior to the draft and prior to the evaluation of any other players, and Coaches whose children are being rated are required to remain completely silent during that process. All Coaches’ children will be ranked by either the Executive Director or the other Head Coaches. The final consensus will be determined by the Draft “Supervisor” with final approval, in the event of a dispute, by the Executive Director.

4. If “Coach A” indicates during the drafting of teams that a specific player WILL ONLY PLAY IF HE/SHE IS ON “Coach A’s” TEAM, “Coach A” WILL NOT BE ALLOWED TO SELECT THAT PLAYER.

If the player, subsequent to the draft, withdraws from West Boca Basketball as a result of not being selected by Coach A, the player will not be granted a refund and will not be allowed to return to WBB until that season, and two more seasons, have been completed.

5. Coaches’ children are placed prior to the beginning of the draft.

The exact placement may vary based on the number of players on each team and ratings of players within that age group, but generally, the placement will be as follows: Coaches’ children rated “9” or “10” will be placed in the first or second round, children rated “7 or 8” will be placed in the second, third or fourth round, children rated “5” or “6” will be placed in the fourth, fifth or sixth round, children rated “3” or “4” will be placed in the seventh or eighth round, and children rated “1”, or “2” will be placed in the eighth round or later.

6. Sponsors

The Division Coordinator and Coaches should identify players whose parents are sponsoring a team and ensure that no team includes more than one sponsor.

7. Siblings

Siblings playing within the same age division should be selected to the same team unless specifically requested by the parents to be on different teams. The rule for placing siblings on one team is the same as the rule for placing Coaches’ children (once the higher rated sibling is placed, the other sibling is automatically placed by this standard).

8. Unknown Players

a. A player will be designated as an “unknown” if the player is

1. not present at the tryout and

2. not rated from previous seasons by WBB and

3. not known and rated by at least two Coaches present at the draft.

b. All unknown players may only be selected after known players have been chosen.

By coaches agreement, the unknown players can remain unplaced until a special committee is created by the group of coaches in that age group in conjunction with the Division Coordinator. That committee and Division Coordinator shall then contact the families of the unknown players and make recommendations as to their placement, subject to final approval by the League Executive Director. The coaches may also agree to bypass the creation of a committee and ask the Division Coordinator to recommend placement of the unknown players, subject to final approval by the League Executive Director.

9. Incomplete Final Round

If a final round cannot be completed with an even number of players for each team, the remaining players will not be assigned. Instead, the Division Coordinator(s) and Executive Director (or the ad-hoc committee–see above) shall keep a list of the add-on players and make recommendations as to their team assignments as soon as reasonably possible, and in a manner as fair as possible, subject to final approval by the Executive Director. The assignment of these add-on players shall be completed as soon as possible after draft day (recognizing that additional players may enroll late) in order to arrive at the correct total enrollment for that age group. In the event of a dispute between the Division Coordinators, Coaches, or Draft Committee, the decision of the Executive Director shall be final. All parties must remember that the primary goal of the draft and post-draft placement of players is to give every interested child the opportunity to participate in WBB. Given that primary goal, the second goal is to equalize, as much as possible, the talent on all teams to create a competitive division. With that in mind, it will be at the discretion of League Administration to place late-registering players, considering the impact they may have on the parity in their division.

10. Trades

No trades shall be allowed, either before or after the draft, except under exceptional circumstances and only after approval by the Division Coordinator and the Executive Director.

Examples of circumstances which could cause trades to occur include:

a. Post-draft discovery that one team has two different sponsors

b. Agreement by a player’s parent to Coach in order to fill a vacancy

c. Obvious imbalances in teams which are discovered after the draft due to assignment of unknown players

11. Notification of Team Assignments to Players/Parents

Because of possible errors or changes to teams following the draft or team selections, WBB requires that all Coaches wait at least seven days before notifying their players of the first practice. WBB will normally notify all coaches of the date which is acceptable to begin calling players. As soon as possible thereafter, each Coach is encouraged to contact team members by phone and establish a time for the parents and players to meet for the first practice. Coaches who prematurely call their players and are discovered are subject to a one game suspension at the beginning of the season (calling the players too early creates enormous problems for WBB’s administrative staff).

12. Final Rosters

The Executive Director shall provide final team rosters to the Division Coordinators seven days after the draft. Coaches should keep a record of players they have selected in case of any recording errors during the draft, but players should NOT be contacted until release of official rosters.

No Division Coordinator is authorized to make any changes regarding team rosters, waiting lists, etc. without final approval of the WBB Executive Director.

Any questions or comments regarding these rules should be directed to the Division Coordinator, Draft Supervisor, or Executive Director of West Boca Basketball.