Fall 2017 Finals

Fall 2017 Finals


Cougars defeated Wildcats

Cougars Roster—Noah Bernstein, Tyler Forman, David Grajower, Aryeh Gross, Eitan Gross, Hunter Hassan, Matteo Pinville, Luke Rabkin, Chase Rosenstrauch, Justin Rubin

Wildcats Roster—Tristan Banick, Danny Colligan, Benjamin Davis, Andre Fry, Zack Krumholz, Caleb Meltzer, Jace Schlacter, Chase Troiano, Derrick Worthington, Daniel Zwelling


Hoosiers defeated Lions

Hoosiers Roster—Daniel Houtkin, Tyler Huberman, Jaden Ladrach, Bijan Lombeshkon, Braden Pickle, Sean Randall, Ethan Rolnick, Ashkon Savar, Blake Slintak, Dylan Wein

Lions Roster—Noah Birken, Sam Florens, Benjamin Friedman, Andrew Ging, Jason Krafft, Alex Lindenbaum, Aiden Meyers, Zev Schacter, Chad Sher, Alexander Vafai



Blue Devils defeated Tigers

Blue Devils Roster—Sean Daboch, Hymie Frohlich, Kai Gao, Aiden Garber, Eytan Greenfield, Jonathan Lazar, Zev Meltzer, Adam Szymanski, Parker Szymanski, Colin Zadanosky

Tigers Roster—Nathaniel Cahen, Jonathan Clarke, Haim Elmakies, Trey Hooker, Carson McCauley, Cooper McCauley, Dylan Paul, Avi Rosman, Austin Schneider

9-10 Girls Division


Cougars defeated Bruins
Cougars Roster—Bree Chodos, Alexa David, Samantha Edelson, Taylor Finkle, Sydney Fish, Yakira Getz, Lauren Lockwood, Sofia Moreno, Leah Sznol, Brooke Telchin

Bruins Roster—Jayda Austin, Gemma Clouse, Marley Domsky, Marissa Krumholz, Janelle McDonald, Ashley Neustein, Ella Rosen, Taylor Throne, Sophie Zalamar


Bruins 37  Cardinals 31

Bruins—Leo Bettinger (9 points), Luke Levine (7 points), Matt Fisher (6 points)

Cardinals:  Tyler Griffin (17 points), Logan Adelstein (4 points), Spencer Temar (4 points)

Latif Kabba was awarded the game MVP honors for his 8 points and all-around effort to lead the Bruins to the tournament championship.  The Bruins also won the regular season title.



Gophers 40   Spartans 33


Gophers—Jaiden Langley 10, Ryan Sacher 8,  Adi Getz 7, Wildaire Silme 6

Spartans—Brandon Silver 12, Ellie Shaller 10, Cody Gendason 7

The game MVP award went to Elie Shaller of the losing Spartans for his outstanding third-quarter effort which helped pull the Spartans back to even after they fell behind in the first half.  But balanced scoring and aggressive team defense by the Gophers helped secure the win, which was a big upset by the number seven seed against the regular-season champion Spartans.



Hurricanes 60  Cardinals 42


Hurricanes—Vincent Lam 23 points, Ethan Fink 14 points, Nick Garcia 10 points,

Cardinals—Jack Dornetshuber 22 points, Kyle Edelman 7 points, Brandon Toth 4 points, Joao Crosara 4 points

The number 8 seeded Hurricanes completed their remarkable tournament run with a stifling fourth-quarter defense to break open a see-saw battle.  Vincent Lam was awarded the game MVP award for his second-half leadership, especially when the Hurricanes went on a 13-0 run in the third period.

The Eagles were the regular season champions in the 13 boys division.


11-12 GIRLS Division

Blue Devils defeated Tigers 14-11


Blue Devils—Hayley Angelis (2 points), Madison Lowenstein (2 points), Paige Grossman (2 points)

Tigers—Devin Semisch (7 points), Sadie Berke (2 points), Emily Miller (2 points)

Morgan Sternlieb was named the game’s MVP for her fourth quarter effort which included all of her game-leading 7 points.  Morgan sank four critical free throws in the final 30 seconds to seal the victory for the Blue Devils, who also won the regular season title.


14-15 Boys Division

Ducks 47  Huskies 41


Ducks—Jean Perez 21 points, Sam Sayer 5 points, Philippe Tromans 5 points, Luke Hirsh 5 points

Huskies—Max Wyatt 15 points, Ryan Fisher 11 points, Brock McCoy 5 points, Jaden Wiston 4 points

The scoring and leadership of Jean Perez, who won game MVP honors, led the Ducks to the upset of the number one seeded Huskies, who were the regular season champions.  Missed lay-ups plagued the Huskies throughout the game.  The Ducks outscored the Huskies, 16-4 in the third period and the scrappy defense of the Ducks prevented the Huskies from coming back.



Blue Devils 58  Hurricanes 35

Blue Devils—Spencer Perkins 28 points; Josh Remland 9 points, Raghu Radhakrishnan 6 points

Hurricanes—Greg Boutboul 9 points; Tzvi Allswang 9 points


Game MVP Spencer Perkins led the Blue Devils to a big second half by going four for four on three point shots to add to his inside game.  The game was tied at halftime but the Blue Devils went on a 21-2 run in the third period to break open the game.