Spring 2017 Scores

Spring 2017 Scores


Tigers 44  Phantoms 26


Tigers:     Jayden Elder (10 points);  Daniel Zwelling  (7 points); Joey Turturo (4 points)
Phantoms:  Eytan Greenfield (9 points); Michael Beltran, Benny Hochner, Joel Nilsen(2 points each)


The Tigers built an early lead and maintained it throughout the game thanks to balanced scoring and excellent shooting.

Jayhawks 20  Shooters 9


Jayhawks:   Brenden Day (6 points); Preston Gormandy, Jeremy D’Addio, Austin Schneider, Grant Nilsen, Joshua Zeigen and Edgar Handal (2 points each)

Shooters:   Chad Sher (4 points); Austin Molonon and Aiden Meyers (2 points)


The Jayhawks captured the tournament title by using aggressive defense to hold the Shooters to four field goals for the game.



Seminoles 28  Longhorns 20


Seminoles:  Drew Sucoff (7 points); Eitan Alkalay (6 points), Dylan Paul (4 points)

Longhorns:  Matthew Barcia (12 points); Jackson Ross (6 points);   Matthew Fisher (4 points)



After falling behind 5-0 early in the game, the Seminoles stormed back to take a lead of 20-8 and held off the Longhorns by playing solid defense in the second half.


9-10 Girls

Bears 18  Red Hearts 6


Bears: Ella Rosen (4 points); Toni Hall (4 points); Ariella Orozco (effort)

Red Hearts:  Skylar Turk, Delaney Beighley, Mya Rey-Anderson (2 points each)



The Red Hearts could not muster enough offense to stay with the Bears, the tournament #2 seed.  The #1 seed Wildcats, winners of the regular season title, were upset by the Red Hearts in the semi-finals but the Red Hearts could not find the same magic in the Championship Game.  The Bears used the same team-wide effort that helped them throughout the season.




Lions 30  Golden Bears 21


Lions:  Noah Hirsch (9 points); Dylan Schneider (8 points); Logan Zuckerman and Landon Kasner (4 points)

Golden Bears:  Joaquin Mijares (6 points); Andres Urbaez (6 points); Luke Siegel (defense and playmaking)


The Lions completed a tournament run by defeating the regular season champion Golden Bears, gaining control early in the second half and using aggressive defense to keep the Golden Bears from mounting a comeback.  Dylan Schneider was awarded the Championship Game MVP honors on the strength of his all-around leadership and unselfish play for the Lions.



Wildcats 44  Shooting Stars 25


Wildcats:  Michael Attias (15 points); Nick Garcia (18 points); Kyle Dzarnowski (8 points)

Shooting Stars:  Brandon Silver (11 points); Dean Diodato (6 points); Sam Edelberg (3 points)


Championship game MVP Michael Attias helped open up a close game with hot shooting early in the fourth quarter to help the Wildcats to the title.  Brandon Silver led the Shooting Stars in scoring.


11-12 Girls

Bama 28  Sharks 14


Bama:  Alex McAuliffe (10 points);  Sofia Arevalo (4 points); Amy Niketic (6 points)

Sharks:  AIsabella Gagnon (6 points); Juliana Enciso (4 points); Ava Weiss (2 points)


Bama jumped to an early lead and was never headed on the strength of Alex McAuliffe, who was name the Championship Game MVP due to her scoring, rebounding, and leadership.



Owls 44 Gophers 25


Owls:   Alex Kimball (12 points); Jack Dornetshuber (7 points); Fabrizio Dantonio (12 points)

Gophers:  Alex Gaynor (7 points); McKinley Paul (4 points); Josh Jacobowitz (6 points)


Alex Kimball was named the game MVP for his scoring and leadership, especially in the second half.  The Owls did not succumb to the Gophers attempt to apply full court pressing defense throughout the game.



14-15 BOYS Division

Owls 48  Knights 33 


Owls:  Tzvi Allswang (17 points); Sam Sayer (7 points); David Bernstein (11 points)

Knights:  Corey Benedict (8 points); Dylan Svirsky (6 points); Anthony Arteaga (5 points) points)


Led by Championship game MVP Tzvi Allswang and David Bernstein, who combined for 16 points in the fourth quarter, the Owls broke open a close game by outscoring the Knights 18-6 in the final period.




Blue Devils 46  Gators 41


Blue Devils:  Bryan Carbone (16 points); Michael Gasteratos (9 points); Jonah Weiss and Spencer Goldstein (defense and rebounding)

Gators:   Alex Ellman and Max Jaffy (9 points); Ethan Edmundson (7 points)


Led by Championship Game MVP Bryan Carbone’s free throw shooting in the second half, the Blue Devils rode a team-wide defense effort for the victory.  Judah Weiss scrambled after loose rebounds throughout the game, and Spencer Goldstein contributed with rebounds and blocked shots.